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Our team

Cory Forsyth

Cory has over a decade of experience in startups and technology. His first venture after NYU's ITP program was outside.in, which was acquired by AOL in 2011.

coryforsyth.com @bantic

Matthew Beale

Matthew is a member of the Ember.js Core Team, author of Developing an Ember.js Edge, and startup veteran. He's spoken at nearly every major Ember conference.

madhatted.com @mixonic

Isaac Ezer

Isaac works to improve Ember development teams through training and pairing. He's spoken in NYC and Toronto on JavaScript and Ember and internationalization.

isaacezer.com @isaacezer

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan is a seasoned Ruby and Rails aficionado turned Ember expert. He hosts the Ember Weekend podcast, a preeminent Ember and programming news source.


Cy Klassen

Cy has worked with teams large and small. He's happiest working with Ember and helping others be productive building on the web.

cyk.im @cyklassen

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