Ember.js Web Development with 201 Created

It's rare to find developers who finish projects on time, on budget and whose code works the first time. It's even rarer to find developers who communicate effectively. 201 Created are these rarest of individuals.

We've been building single-page, JavaScript, and Ember.js applications since early 2012. We understand web architecture from the top to the bottom, and have the experience and history to understand your business.

We've worked with nearly 20 clients in NYC and elsewhere on how modern web technologies can help their teams be more productive and their products better serve their customers.

Our project list includes custom app development for Fortune 50 companies and a host of small startups. Each client is different, but we've discovered that a few formulas yield best results:

  • Two to three week boostrapping engagements are great for creating a usable, testable prototype. Ember.js has a unique architecture that allows our team to move quickly, documenting a full implementation plan as we move along.
  • For long engagements, we have a roster of hand-picked subcontractors who we work with and continually train to get better. On maintenance or pure project work, you can benefit from steady and reliable development bandwidth over time.

We know the implementation details of our tooling intimately, so our projects will never get off track or blocked by technology problems.

Custom application development is one part of what we offer, but there are several ways 201 Created can help your team and company get things done.

Ruby, Ember.js, Node

We choose technologies that are best-of-breed with fantastic performance, a stable future, and fast development speed. Our team has built dozens of Ruby, Ember, and Node applications and can tailor performance, scalability, and security concerns to the level of attention your project requires.

We're firm believers in the future of remote work, and use a selection of proven tools to ensure good communication and demonstrate progress.

As previous startup founders, we feel the necessity of building not only code, but in-house knowledge. Even working alone, our deliverables will always be well tested, documented, and deployable

Let’s talk about what 201 Created can do for your business.

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