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Learning Ember.js the right way can make the difference between time wasted and time invested. We've been working with Ember since 2011. Our training courses reflect an understanding of good methodology and the framework's future direction.

Our team at 201 Created is composed of Ember contributors and community leaders. It also includes an adjunct professor at NYU's ITP graduate program and the author of Developing An Ember.js Edge. We've run formal public training and workshops at EmberConf and EmberGarten, as well as at leading companies in the US and Canada. Members of our team have taught programming to middle school kids, college students, and adult professionals.

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Ember.js Overview

1 day, 5-20 learners.

This overview is designed to get developers with limited JavaScript experience up-to-speed on the basics of Single Page Application (SPA) architecture and Ember.js. The course follows a format of lecture, exercise, and then discussion while learners build a very simple Ember application.

Learners will gain a rudimentary and practical understanding of Ember.js. Additionally they will learn the advantages of a SPA architecture and Ember’s design choices.

Basic Ember Training

3 days, 5-20 learners.

The Basic Ember Training Course is designed to grow a developer’s skills from rudimentary JavaScript and Ember to basic competency. This course follows the format of lecture, exercise, and then discussion while learners add complex features to an Ember application.

Ember is known for its large API surface, and covering as much of that API surface as possible while still providing lessons that are synthesized is a challenge. Our approach is to teach the primitives of application architecture starting with routing and outlet hierarchy, moving to state and UI, and finally covering addons and Ember-Data. In parallel we introduce testing from the top down, starting with acceptance tests then component testing then unit testing.

We want the basic training to deliver on a feeling of success and creation, so each exercise builds on the same application. For each feature they must implement, learners are exposed to a challenge that requires use of a new Ember concept.

Intermediate Ember Training

3 days, 5-20 learners.

This course is appropriate for developers who have worked with Ember before. It reviews the basics of Ember from a fresh perspective, but also presumes some comfort with core concepts such as JavaScript, Ember templates, and basic routing. Rather than building a single application throughout the course, learners will cover topics though example exercises.

To attend an intermediate course, a developer should be ready for a challenge. Our goal is to push them outside their comfort zone (where they are probably already productive!) and evolve their knowledge instead of simply adding to it.

In the first part of this course we maintain the “build an app” structure of basic training, but with the alteration of it being more “complete the last 20% of an app”. Exercises come with less documentation than in basic training, and developers are expected to refresh some of their existing skills in a new context.

For the second half, we break the “build an app” mold. Instead of continuing to add features to the same application, we examine it for common flaws. These flaws become the basis for refactoring exercises and deeper dives into a topic. We cover: Testing and Mirage, build pipelines, promises and ember-concurrency, and component state encapsulation. Some of these lessons also break from live-coding followed by self-directed coding and instead become group problem solving. We encourage discussion about the upside and downside of a given solution or suggestion. At this level of learning the goal is to move from rules to maxims, and memorizing a solution is less valuable than understanding the context and problem space.

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For more thoughts on we think about teaching methodology and our approach for Ember, check out Matt's blog post "How 201 Created Teaches Ember.js".

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