Ember.js Training and Workshops with 201 Created

With a new technology, getting started on the right path can make the difference between time wasted and time invested. We think hands-on involvement makes the best training environment, a view inspired by our own experiences pair programming.

As contributors to Ember.js we've designed new APIs and fixed bugs up and down the stack. We're familiar with patterns for Ember in a variety of architectures. If the situation demands a more creative solution, we have the knowledge to create libraries and patches that make that solution possible and sustainable.

We've run training sessions in a few formats:

  • Small group workshops with 4-6 developers. Often these take the form of group pairing exercises, and may use an existing codebase belonging to the client.
  • Traditional lectures, with heavy Q/A. This style of training we've found most useful for helping a company evaluate JavaScript and architecture options. Before an event like this, we prefer to talk with you about what your business needs to learn about a technology to evaluate it.
  • Large group workshops with roughly 20 people. Using some great tooling, we've worked out a format where developers can get a taste of Ember (or learn an advanced pattern) as a group.

Our workshops focus on getting developers to parse and write real Ember code. Whether working on introductory skills or advanced topics, we think this important.

Our staff includes an adjunct professor at NYU's ITP program and the author of Developing An Ember.js Edge. We've run formal public training and workshops at EmberConf and EmberGarten, as well as at leading companies in the US and Canada.

Beyond training, we provide a number of ways that our expertise can help your team and business get productive with Ember.

Offsite and online

Training will almost always be most effective on-site. However if you're considering a short session and want to stay remote, talk to us.

We're firm believers in the future of remote work, and the way we collaborate with clients on-site and off is designed with this in mind.

Let’s talk about what 201 Created can do for your business.

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