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We hire kind, talented people who can help our clients succeed. Most of our team works remotely, and we support them with great benefits.

Come work with the best. Your colleagues at 201 Created are seasoned professionals. We've worked at insurance conglomorates and the scrappiest of startups. Our clients span that same gamut. Working at 201 Created you'll have a chance to work side by side with developers at the leading publicly traded tech companies, with engineers working in enterprise industries, and with the energetic and inspiring teams at startups.

Our diversity of experiences makes us better. We believe the best solutions can come from surprising places. By starting your career in consulting, or just stepping into the role for a few years, you'll be working with people you would never get to meet otherwise. As a group we try to identify what works at one client, bring that to the group, and help our other clients be successful in the same ways.

We provide value to our clients in a number of ways. We augment their staff and ship features that are important to their business. We tackle infrastructure challenges such as library upgrades, test and build automation, and performance analysis so that they can focus on their customers' needs. We train their staff through pair programming, onsite training sessions, and setting a good example. We help them publish open source libraries. Sometimes, we even build complete applications with a full front-end and back-end for our clients.


We're proud to support our employees. Our benefits are focused on helping them be their most happy, productive, and adventurous selves. We offer:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Health insurance for you and your family
  • Participation in a 401k retirement plan
  • Compensated attendance at 1 international and 2 domestic conferences per year
  • A budget for technical book purchases
  • Remote-friendly team and clients (we work to limit client travel)
  • Two team retreats a year where we focus on non-technical matters and/or open source
  • Plenty of non-client days to keep you engaged with your collegues at 201 Created and in the tech community
  • Software to ensure your phone, computer, and passwords stay secure
  • A professional work environment free from discrimination and harrassment

What we're looking for

We value a variety of voices, so this is not a laundry list. If you have experience and/or interest in some of the following, please contact us!

  • Experience building single page web applications with Ember.js or another JavaScript framework
  • Experience building server APIs using Ruby, Node.js, or another language
  • Ability to implement detailed designs using HTML & CSS
  • Ability to create designs based off of user requirements
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience with pair programming

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Our team

Cory Forsyth

Cory has over a decade of experience in startups and technology. His first venture after NYU's ITP program was, which was acquired by AOL in 2011. @bantic

Matthew Beale

Matthew is a member of the Ember.js Core Team, author of Developing an Ember.js Edge, and startup veteran. He's spoken at nearly every major Ember conference. @mixonic

Isaac Ezer

Isaac works to improve Ember development teams through training and pairing. He's spoken in NYC and Toronto on JavaScript and Ember and internationalization. @isaacezer

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan is a seasoned Ruby and Rails aficionado turned Ember expert. He hosts the Ember Weekend podcast, a preeminent Ember and programming news source.


Cy Klassen

Cy has worked with teams large and small. He's happiest working with Ember and helping others be productive building on the web. @cyklassen

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